About us

Serving from the heart..!!

Taste of India is a catering company located in Dublin, Ireland, mainly focuses on all catering services. We provide services at a very affordable cost  and quality is our motto. Our services are available any where in Ireland. We value our customers and their satisfaction speaks out for us in the crowd. Taste of India is one of the professional catering Services in Ireland.

Home food tastes the best, we all say. It’s true Taste of India have a discerning palate for food prepared by our mothers or wives. Where lies the magic? ‘The Midas touch’ as some would call it, is that it gets served from their heart, garnished with a dash of love in every dish that finds its way to the table. For the past two decades, we have been doing just that — made way to our customer’s hearts by serving from our heart. And this is what makes us ‘a cut above the rest’ in the world of food and catering